Elk commentaar is overbodig.....!!

This is 12 mins long but a real must especially in light of what is going on in the world today. Eallan.



If you watch nothing else about Jewish anti-Semitism, view the attached video. If you do watch it, send it on to others.

It puts the anti-Semitism of the present day New York Times in perfect perspective.

A classic example of how history ultimately getting the real truth out. 

This is the ONE VIDEO you MUST WATCH.

It is a painful exploration of why Jews should despise the NY Times and forever remember how a Jew, the owner of the Times, turned his back on fellow Jews during the darkest days of ww2.  The young woman in the video deserves a position of high honor among our people for making this historically accurate video public.  Please watch it and send it to your reader lists.

 (click here)this short video

A young Jewish woman of valor reveals the toxic mutation that has been baked into the genes of The New York Times from the very start.