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2-1-2012 Any slight movement is painful or bothers........take BRYONIA

Any slight movement is painful or bothers........take BRYONIA

Sometimes knowing about a simple remedy can avoid all kind of unnecessary examinations or treatments, even avoiding CT scans  which are made today often routinely without taking time to listen to the patient complaints or without performing even an short physical examination.

To give you one example:

If you feel a pain somewhere which is exacerbated by the slightest movement and feels better when totally resting [andthis can be any pain]then consider using the homeopathic remedy Bryonia D6 [globuli]

Suck a few times a day one globule.

Example: you had a bronchitis or pneumonia and you were treated with possible antibiotics and you were coughing quite a bit.

Now the doctor tells you that you "lungs are clear" but you still feel very bad if you cough or move [pain in  the chest/ribs area and this only when you move or cough........if not, there is no pain:even the slightest movement causes pain or the slightest cough..........a typical case for bryonia which may help even after the first dose! [therefore it  fits so often for a pleuritis, peritonitis,rheumatic arthritis[rheumatic fever with a red swollen very painful joint]

Bryonia has this typical homeopathic picture of:

worse by any movement and this may be with any disease/disorder.

If you have a headache and the slightest movement strongly increase the headache then bryonia may fit.

With flu one sometimes feels even pain when only moving the eyes a bit [looking sidewards or upward/downword .......again typically for bryonia.

How much money and running around could be spared if doctors would study just a FEW typical homeopathic remedies.........mi yiten!

In the meantime: as a patient learn a few characteristics of the most useful homeopathic remedies and you may avoid so some doctor visits.